Volume 93, Issue 23

Thursday, October 7, 1999


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Red and embarassed by expenses

To the Editor:

I am writing in regards to how expensive everything is at Western and how the institution consistently succeeds in getting the most out of students (financially, of course).

Okay, as university students, we've learned to live with high tuition which heartlessly increases year after year. We've also learned to accept the over-priced "mandatory" readings that accompany every class, only to have the used bookstore buy them back from us at 20 per cent of their resale price.

However, what really got to me was when I went to purchase a combination lock from the BookStore for $6.85 (not including tax, boys and girls). Six dollars and 85 cents for a lock which I later purchased at a local department store for $3.49.

It's bad enough that they already got us hard for tuition and books, but they also have to hit us in the school supply section. A higher price due to convenience is one thing, but to charge double the price – that's crazy.

Most of us are broke! And a fair majority are in debt to OSAP as it is. Do we really need our own school, the university that we devotedly cheer on at football games and advertise on our clothing, ripping us off?

Purple and proud? More like red and embarrassed.

As for whoever is actually profiting from our despair, congratulations. It must take a lot of heart and business skill to profit from defenseless students who have no choice but to fall to your prices.

Much like a hunter, fighting a lion with a gun instead of his bare hands, you truly impress me.

Here's a tip for my fellow students. Instead of purchasing clothing from our beloved school stores, just go to a monogram store. You pay half as much and get your sweater, jacket, etc. custom made.

Frank Perhetta
Economics II

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