Volume 93, Issue 23

Thursday, October 7, 1999


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Course has its head in the stars

To the Editor:

This has pissed me off ever since last year's final exams. I haven't had the time to write to The Gazette until now, as I've been very busy with soph duties and other duties for residents' council. Better late then never, though.

I was in Astronomy 021 last year, which is a good course. My problem is the final exam. There were three sections last year, all with different instructors. It was a three hour exam.

One section's final exam consisted of something like 80 multiple choice questions. After about one hour, that entire section had completed their exams and were on the way their home.

The next section had an exam of about 300 marks, mostly of short answer and multiple choice questions. After about two hours, they left as well and it was only my section left.

Our exam was over 600 marks, ranging from a few multiple choice questions to many short and long answer questions. I barely finished in the three hours I had. Now, is this fair at all?

Why weren't we all given the same final exam, like in my math, computer sciences, media and philosophy courses?

I'm not saying my section should have had an 80 question multiple choice exam and I know life isn't fair, but this is something we can fix.

I shudder to think what our class average was compared to theirs. Maybe someone out there can figure that out for me. I sure can't.

Mark Vanpee
Science II

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