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Tuesday, September 14, 1999


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Shuffle means new programming

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

The University Students' Council is hoping all the restructuring done this summer to management positions within the University Community Centre will soon pay off – literally.

Mark Serre, once the general manager of The Spoke and now manager of both The Spoke and the Wave, said he is definitely happy with the decision to amalgamate both establishments. One of the reasons why, he said, is the possibility for increased revenue as the two bars may appeal to a greater clientele.

"We did hire a full new complimentary staff with a few working in both establishments," Serre said. "It's a real team effort."

The group of eight managers employed between both bars are now working as a team in order to provide students with more choices in programming. "We now have the opportunity to compliment each other in programming," he said.

The management shuffle also transported Mark Wellington, former manager of the Wave, to Inprint. Wellington said he was happy with the move and feels his background in hospitality helped the transition.

"There was definitely a learning curve involved in the move, but we have one of the best trained staff around," Wellington said. "We are really trying to be aggressive in our customer service campaigns."

Jim Walden, general manager of the USC said he thought restructuring management was a great way to re-organize and deploy current managers to positions left open by resignations. "We had a few managerial positions opening up and we were looking at alternative ways to manage them," he said.

Wellington confirmed he was ready to make the shift out of bar management. "After 26 years at the bar, I was ready to move on," he said.

Citing co-ordination as one of the main reasons for restructuring management at The Spoke and the Wave, Walden added each bar will maintain its own flavour and will still compliment each other.

"We did it mainly for consistency purposes," said USC President SzeJack Tan. "And everything seems to be running really smoothly."

There will, however, be a noticeable change in programming consistency at the Wave. "We want to use all our tools when we aim for consistency," said Andrew Mes, site manager at the bar. "From cover-charge to music, you'll see more of a programming change at the Wave."

Mes added micro-management will be stressed as a key to success.

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