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Tuesday, September 14, 1999


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Police Blotter

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

The university police department experienced a steady flow of activity this past weekend, responding to a total of 101 occurrences on campus.

Police officers were kept busy responding to two fire alarms at Essex Hall in the wee hours last Friday, which turned out to be a mechanical problems with the alarm systems.

Property damage was also reported on Friday to the Western Mustang sign on the student side of the football stadium. It was rearranged to read, "snug warm testies."

Const. McGowan of the UPD said she recommends students take great care when securing items as numerous thefts were reported throughout campus involving bikes and wallets. The ladies locker room in campus recreation seemed to be a favourite, with three reports of locker break-ins.

Police also responded to a call at Elborn College, arriving to find two grass fires burning near the outer edges of the property. The officers were able to put out the fires with a fire extinguisher provided in the patrol cars. The cause of the two blazes has yet to be determined and is still under investigation.

On Saturday, the UPD stopped a drunk motorist on campus with the Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere program. The motorist blew in excess of 80 milligrams into the breathalyzer and was given a 12-hour license suspension.

The UPD also responded to an assault call on Sunday in Sommerville House. The victim, a bank machine installer, was working when a drunk individual approached the employee and assaulted him. The individual was not a student and no charges were laid as a result of a request from the victim.

Sunday night also saw the arrest of a man wielding a knife at Essex Hall. The individual was charged with breech of recognizance as he was already out on bail on condition he not be in possession of weapons. The suspect was released to London Police and transported downtown to be processed.

Many bicycle thefts were reported throughout the entire weekend and the UPD are strongly recommending a pro-active approach to securing personal items on and about campus. "We promote pro-activity and support students with any concerns or questions they might have about safety advice," McGowan said.

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