Volume 93, Issue 9

Tuesday, September 14, 1999


Campus rec, a pain in the neck

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O-week: on both sides of the hill

Time in line feelin' fine

Campus rec, a pain in the neck

As I have wandered campus in the past week, there are lines everywhere, yet the need for one at campus recreation is the most questionable.

Why do they need everyone at Western telling them where they live? I was here all summer and of course, I haven't changed my address. Yet, I still waited in line for an hour just to tell them that. With the confirmation of this information, they finally allowed me into their "great shrine."

Why not give first-year students the first couple of weeks to get all signed in? They seem to be the ones who take the longest to register. Let everyone else in freely and then in the next week, let the second-year students sign in and so on. This is only logical. We should not have people waiting in line for an hour just to work out.

A final suggestion is to make a separate line for those signing in for classes or purchasing towel service, because that makes the wait even longer. It always seems to be the person just in front of you is validating their card and then proceeds to use his or her debit card to get the monthly towel service. This takes too much time and is simply not acceptable.

In closing, we have too many lines around campus in the first week as it is and Campus Rec currently hosts the most mind boggling of them all. I think they should seriously consider ways to change their system to get people pumped up instead of FED UP!

Scott Bridge

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