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Wednesday, September 15, 1999


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Saugeen yet to find USC representation

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

With the first University Students' Council meeting only hours away, there are still no plans to have representation from Saugeen-Maitland Hall.

Since the Saugeen council was dissolved in May, due to yearbook guideline violations, no steps have been taken to elect or institute a new council for the 1999/00 school year.

"There are no plans in place as of yet," said Peter Mercer, Western's VP-administration. "We had a structure in place to handle orientation week but that's it." Mercer added there have only been a few complaints from those involved.

Without a residents' council, Saugeen will not have an executive to pass motions or by-laws.

Colleen Scrimger, assistant building manager at Saugeen, said as early as next week each floor will elect representatives to sit on committees and plan activities with the help of Saugeen staff members.

"They don't have an executive and much of orientation was run by staff," said Susan Grindrod, director of Western's housing and ancillary services. The staff will also be running programming which focuses on student needs, she added.

SzeJack Tan, president of the USC, said if a USC student representative was elected to represent the entire building, this individual would become a voting member of the USC – regardless of the ban. "If they run a building-wide election then we will recognize them. That person would be a USC member, not a Saugeen member, so there's no conflict."

Tan added the building is not going to be the same and the USC is worried about it. "It's sad to see the council be disbanded," he said.

While Scrimger said the floor representatives will help the staff in getting information to the students, she reinforced the programming will not necessarily be run by staff. "Our goal is to empower students to leadership roles," she said.

According to Scrimger, the floor representatives will also be encouraged to participate on activity committees throughout the building, such as social and yearbook. "Staff will be acting as a liaison for the committees, because they have access to the resources on campus."

Scrimger added the staff did not anticipate any problems in running pubs for Saugeen. "We are able to run pubs and we are making arrangements for them."

Orientation week did not include any pubs, as the programming was dry Scrimger added.

Although Saugeen continues to have floor representative elections as well as a USC representative, Grindrod stressed the residence does not have a formal president or vice presidents. "The floor representatives are still there to represent the views of the floor, we're just doing it in a different way this year."

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