Volume 93, Issue 11

Thursday, September 16, 1999


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Negotiations still on table for faculty

By Paul-Mark Rendon
Gazette Staff

Although an end to the talks is nowhere in sight, it's back to the table for the University of Western Ontario Faculty Association as they negotiate their first contract with Western administration.

Peter Mercer, Western's VP-administration, said 51 talks have been scheduled all the way through to Dec. 24 of this year. Although there is no particular issue which has proven to be a sticking point for the two sides, Mercer said lengthy talks are expected. "It is simply the fact that this is a first agreement. Both sides will have to live with it for a long time," he said.

Mercer added another reason the talks were moving slowly is because of the meticulous approach required to put the contract into understandable language. "Every word must be examined," he said. "Still, both sides are satisfied with the way things are going."

Ernie Redekop, UWOFA president agreed with the need to pour over the contract's contents. "I totally agree. It's very important we get all the language right. What happens is the first contract becomes a model for future contracts," he said.

Redekop added a tentative general meeting for the faculty association is scheduled for some time in early October. The group is currently settling in after a break from general meetings during the summer but is focused on pushing through with negotiations.

"I would have cautious optimism at this point. We're pretty close to a meeting of the minds on promotions and tenure," he said. "I think the biggest issue is on certain matters of appointment."

Tess Hooks, chair of Western's part-time faculty, said she also looked forward to getting the deal finalized. "All of us are coming back with a positive feeling. We're trying to get the job done. They're getting ready to get down to an agreement and we'll see how things work out," she said.

Mike Dawes, UWOFA's chief negotiator, said he did not see an end to talks any time soon. "It's a lengthy process. These things are very hard to predict," he said.

According to Redekop the recent ratification of the University of Western Ontario Staff Association's first contract bodes well for them as well. "We were very pleased that they reached their agreement," he said.

"I think administration is serious about negotiations – we certainly are," he added.

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