Volume 93, Issue 11

Thursday, September 16, 1999


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Too much melodrama

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Too much melodrama

Re: Editorial, Sept. 10

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to the editorial on Friday, Sept. 10 entitled "Both eyes wide shut" about engineering sophs being kept out of the residences during O-week.

I agree with The Gazette that the administration was being rash in blaming and punishing the engineering sophs before guilt could be assessed, however I think they were being a little melodramatic in suggesting that engineering frosh missed out on some crucial experience as a result.

As far as I remember, engineers are the only faculty who have any substantial role in orienting their frosh. When I was a frosh, most first-year students joined the activities of their residence. If they lived off campus, they were part of the "off campus" events. Engineers were the only sophs who entered the residence. So to suggest that the engineering frosh were "left like lost puppies peering in from the window" is absurd. I'm sure those students could just join in on their residences' festivities with the rest of the puppies. In the future, lay off the melodrama!

Karen Robbins
Masters of Journalism

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