Volume 93, Issue 11

Thursday, September 16, 1999


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B&E instead of R&R at campus recreation

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B&E instead of R&R at campus recreation

To the Editor:

On Saturday, Sept. 11, we rented a locker at campus recreation and they supplied us with their own lock for "security reasons."

Our locker was then broken into and valuables were stolen. This was not the only theft to occur in the girls' change room that day – there was at least one other theft.

The lock was cut off our locker and we felt students should be made aware that thefts are occurring in the change rooms. We went to notify the staff, who then sent us to the back of a very long line if we wished to discuss the situation further.

The staff showed little concern. They told us that there was nothing they could do about it and to file a report with the University Police Department. UPD was helpful, but told us that we should not keep valuables in the lockers as it is a security risk.

We feel that this is virtually impossible because where else are you supposed to keep your wallet and other belongings while working out? This is not the first time this has happened and will certainly not be the last. Security has to be tightened in the change rooms.

UPD suggested there be frequent change room checks in order to deter any other occurrences of thefts. We feel that with the amount of money we pay to attend this institution, better security should be provided so we can feel safe leaving our belongings in the change rooms. We realize that all thefts cannot be prevented, but better security would certainly make the thefts less prevalent.

Angela Smart
Sociology III
Monica Skalski
Biology III

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