Volume 93, Issue 11

Thursday, September 16, 1999


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Column labelled as ignorant, intolerant

Re: "Canada introduces the 'gay clause'" Sept. 13

To the Editor:

The only thing "asinine" about the "whole situation" surrounding the Bijou arrests in Toronto is Aaron Wherry's supposed analysis of it.

If he had his facts right, then I might have been inclined to agree with some of his conclusions. For starters, the Bijou is not a gay bar – it is an adult theatre. Wherry should pay closer attention to his secondary sources.

Furthermore, I would ask Wherry to question the source of his own convictions before he makes sweeping, haphazard remarks about the gay community, public sex, the law and equality. Why does he assume that everyone will share the same meaning of these most ambiguous terms?

And I have to ask – just because something breaks the law, does that necessarily make it wrong? Wherry's condescending, patronizing commentary is evidence of the sort of shallow-mindedness we're all up against. And, after having been at Western for five years, it is clear to me that The Gazette's decision to print such a commentary at this time of the year is an attempt to gain some quick readership and an influx of letters.

The good news is that the rest of us are learning tolerance and how to think critically. The bad news is that some corners of this campus never grow up.

Richard Telfer
MA Sociology II

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