Volume 93, Issue 11

Thursday, September 16, 1999


Tuesday's not so funny

Too much melodrama

And we all shine on

B&E instead of R&R at campus recreation

Column labelled as ignorant, intolerant

Assistance needs work

You go boyfriend!

I wanna be just like Ivey?

I want my Rogers TV

You go boyfriend!

To the Editor:

Recently, if you turn on the radio you seem to be bombarded by a slew of songs by girl groups talking about how men are not doing their jobs as boyfriends.

First it was TLC with "No scrubs" followed by Destiny's Child's "Bills, Bills, Bills." True, these songs are simply music and should be just admired as music but that is not the reason for my letter.

The reason for my letter is that women today believe they are truly better than men. Now, I'm not being sexist and saying that men are better than women but what I am trying to get to is that women need to realize that equality does not come at the threat of one side being inferior to another.

Let's, for a minute, examine equality. Equality by simple definition means to be equal. Being equal means that no one overpowers anyone else. We currently live in a society that does not make any one gender more dominant than the other. There are both famous women and men in fields of science, math and business.

Now back to the problem at hand – women believing men are not good boyfriends. This statement is extremely baffling. Let's look at an example to prove my point. Certain women who dress very "free" most of the time tell their boyfriends who have a problem with it, "I dressed like this before we were going out and it never bothered you."

Well let's match that with something I believe men should adapt to tell women, "I was broke when you met me" or "you knew I had a lot of friends who were girls." Women need to realize that just as we should not attempt to change their style when we start dating them, they too should not attempt to change us.

So my advice to all those searching for relationships is either stop dating totally or deal with everyone else as they are. Remember equality means being equal.

Jason Raheb
Administrative and Commercial Studies I

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