Volume 93, Issue 11

Thursday, September 16, 1999


Tuesday's not so funny

Too much melodrama

And we all shine on

B&E instead of R&R at campus recreation

Column labelled as ignorant, intolerant

Assistance needs work

You go boyfriend!

I wanna be just like Ivey?

I want my Rogers TV

I wanna be just like Ivey?

I'm starting to realize this university as a whole, should be more like the Ivey School of Business.

Now let's clarify, because the last thing I want is for all of us to turn into suit-wearing, brown-nosing, brain-washed robots. The real strength of Ivey is it prepares students for immediate employment after university. And not just employment but a job with a salary far surpassing anything your average graduate would make.

As an English major, I ask, where is my $50,000 starting salary? Heck, where is my $50,000 finishing salary?

Other faculties just don't prepare their students for life after university as well as Ivey. I know my Bachelor of Arts in English won't guarantee me a huge salary but I would hope the education would give me a chance to step right into a job after graduation. As of now, I just don't think it can.

And I'm sure the situation is the same for most faculties. Students are paying over $4,000 in tuition and student fees, piling up a massive debt load with no guarantee they won't end up flipping burgers.

The purpose of a university should be, in part, to prepare students for a successful post-graduation life. It should also foster thought, debate and inspire achievement – but those things aren't too useful if you're eating ketchup soup in a cardboard box on Dundas Street.

Ivey is accomplishing it's job as a learning institution. As a side note, just because the business school is meeting its goal and not going above and beyond, there's no reason for Ivey to charge such exorbitant amounts of money for tuition. The fact it's doing its job while the rest of the faculties are not, does not mean they are justified in charging more.

But money issues aside, this is why colleges are starting to seem more appealing to prospective high schoolers. They offer a guaranteed meal ticket once the classes and exams are over.

Some faculties are better than others and some may even offer internship programs but the fact remains that as a whole, this university isn't doing its job. There are just too many philosophy majors caddying for Ivey grads.

As much as it hurts to say it, maybe Western should be a little more like Ivey.

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