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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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A college by any other name

By Lindsay Satterthwaite
Gazette Writer

As early as next year, there may be a new university in London – the University of Huron College, that is.

After over a century of being known as Huron College, Western's affiliated college has started the initial process of making an official name change.

"People commonly identify the school as a college, not an institute capable of granting degrees," said David Bevan, principal of Huron College. "[Huron is] a university level institution with its own programs and faculty," he added.

Bevan said he thought the title of university was a fundamental part in improving the recruitment process and would also be more marketable to people outside of southern Ontario. Bevan added a more diverse student population would result from the change.

Greg Moran, Western's VP-academic, said the name change would not affect relations between Huron College and Western. "The most important thing is that Huron, even though an affiliated college, is still an independent institution," Moran said. "As an autonomous organization we have to respect them," he added.

Moran also said he supports Huron's choice to have a more recognizable name. "If [Huron] is doing better, it will help us all," he said.

Chris Sinal, University Students' Council representative on the Huron College Council, said he had mild concerns about segregation amongst students from both campuses with Huron's new name.

"What it all comes down to is recruitment," Sinal said. "It will make no difference in my daily life."

In addition to a new name, Huron College is also seeking to change some of the other amendments of the Huron College Act, Bevan said. "These changes include updating language and expanding the representation of the board membership," he added.

"In order for the amendments to be officially changed, they must be passed through provincial legislation," said David Ross, spokesperson for the Ministry of Education and Training. He added a Member of Parliament sponsor is necessary to introduce the desired changes.

While the process is not far along, Bevan said the proper protocol was currently being followed and the college is speaking with several Provincial Members of Parliament in an attempt to make the name change sooner than later.

Julia Dafoe, a first-year social science student at Western, said the name change was not a big deal to her. "I always knew that it was a university affiliated with Western," she said.

Valerie Kershaw, a first-year arts student, however, said the change is a good idea. "I thought Huron was a college," she said. "I think people get a different impression when they hear the word college instead of university."

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