Volume 93, Issue 12

Wednesday, March 18, 1999


Neglected coverage for do-gooders

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Neglected coverage for do-gooders

To the Editor:

The Gazette has done it once again.

Is it because none of you at the paper enjoyed your O-week – trashing O-week to bits in your first edition? Or for that matter, do you enjoy any part of student life?

You are quick to jump all over the University Students' Council, fraternities, faculties, clubs and athletics when something goes wrong, or to trash a name in the paper, but God forbid a mention of anything good.

The issue that has really got me going this time, is the lack of coverage of the 1999 Shinerama campaign, which by the way raised over $113,000 (the coverage has been missing since my first year back in 1993).

I suppose you were waiting for something to go wrong. It is funny that even the Western News felt Shinerama to be a big enough deal to put it on the web site for Monday. Maybe it is because all of you at The Gazette slept through Shinerama during your frosh week and you don't understand what it is all about.

I am only glad that I was around at closing ceremonies to find out how much was raised for cystic fibrosis research – how much good the students at Western actually can do. I do hope that you will feel inclined to write an article about the upcoming Terry Fox run Sept. 19, starting on the Concrete Beach at around noon. Heck, you even missed out on seeing Darryl Fox come to talk about his brother during closing ceremonies.

Just a note to any group on campus doing a philanthropic event, start bugging The Gazette about covering it now even if it occurs in April and with any luck you may get a little mention in the snippets section the day of your event. Believe me, I speak from six years of experience dealing with The Gazette's bias towards only the negative activities involving students on campus and ignoring the positive contributions to the community.

I have written letters in the past about this issue and talked with past editors. When I organized the DryLand Rowing Regatta a few years back, which raised over $1,200 for cerebral palsy, CHRW interviewed me and my partner before, during and after the event, TVWestern carried it live and The London Free Press and Western News came and wrote about it. The Gazette just said a charity event isn't newsworthy and couldn't spare a reporter. Bullshit. The same goes for the charity ball.

Try to pack your portfolios for the major papers that are sure to come calling for you (when you graduate) by writing about things that happen at Western first, then the city, then the province, followed by Canada and if there is room then about world affairs. If I wanted to know more about Canada's peacekeeping, I would go to a real newspaper and not worry about what your Sports Editor has to say about the subject.

Just adding my two cents.

Ian Black
HBSc '98
BEd '99

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