Volume 93, Issue 12

Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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From Generation X to degeneration

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From Generation X to degeneration

I sat down the other night to watch a little CNN – I wanted to get some facts straight about hurricane Floyd. However, a breaking news segment sadly interrupted me.

Another tragic random shooting, this time in Texas. All of sudden, I had hundreds of thoughts come back to me – thoughts I never wrote down after the Columbine shooting. Thoughts I had after witnessing the madness which was Woodstock '99. I just don't understand what's going on with this generation.

Having spent our teen years in the early '90s, we have all been subjected to the hype labelled Generation X – a group of slackers who would never get a fair shot at a career because baby boomers dominated the job force.

On the other hand, this new generation is set on a much scarier path of disaster. The two incidents I alluded to earlier were horrendous events which will scare me (and should scare everyone else) for a long time.

Turning on the TV one day in the spring to see scenes of a high school in panic, with students running and crying, parents frantic – I had never seen anything like it. The aftermath of those horrendous images – two teens who revered Adolph Hitler, Marilyn Manson and KMFDM.

Woodstock took images of violence to a whole new level. The first night left us with Limp Bizkit encouraging the audience to push the stage and tear down the booths. Of course, this all happened to some fun lovin' moshing, crowd surfing and rape. That's right, rape – there were alleged rapes going on in the middle of the mosh pits.

And for an encore on Sunday? Why not burn the place down and do some old fashioned looting?

These are the images that will forever be the summer of '99. It's sad that these images represent the future of our society. I just don't get what has changed so much that people now find their pleasure in harming others.

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