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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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Campus Rec strikes back at lineups

Re: "Campus Rec, a pain in the neck" Sept. 14

To the Editor:

I would like to respond to Scott Bridge's letter in the Sept. 14 issue of The Gazette.

As 25,000 students converge on Western in September, inevitably, lineups occur and this influx has resulted in longer than desired lineups at Campus Recreation. Unfortunately, this influx is much greater than we originally anticipated. This can be contributed, in part, to the exceptional job our orientation info soph team did in educating first-year students.

Our card access statistics also show an increase in usage by not only first-year students, but upper-year and graduate students as well. The resulting problems were immediately identified and steps have been taken to ensure lineups like this do not occur in the future.

This is the first year our card access software has been completely operational and we recognize that our current program does not meet all of our needs. We are currently working closely with a software design company to develop a filter between our software program and the PeopleSoft program to allow us to receive downloads of registered students.

This will mean that only-first year students – or those using Campus Recreation for the first time, will need to stop and activate their student cards and we will not need to deal with address or expiry date updates.

Membership services staff are trying to move lines along faster by directing upper-year students who are already in our database to a shorter, faster moving line.

The bottom line for Campus Recreation, however, is to try to treat everyone in a fair, consistent manner and maintain membership integrity.

Currently, we need to update student membership files for two reasons.

First, to ensure they are current, fee-paying students (not all students pay fees to Campus Recreation, not everyone who has a card is a student and not all our members are students) and second to maintain accurate membership files (essential for all fitness facilities).

We want to maintain membership integrity by ensuring those who use the facilities are paying for it. In an effort to educate students, we posted notices in mid-August to prompt students to update their memberships early to avoid the rush.

Unfortunately, not all students were able to do this because of the delay in the distribution of fee statements. I do empathize with students who are faced with long lineups at this busy time of year and I apologize for the wait.

Campus Recreation prides itself on being a customer service leader and we try to maintain this high level of service at all times. For the short term, we are bringing in extra staff at peak times and we try to encourage students to update their memberships at non-peak times (i.e. before 9 a.m., after 7 p.m. and weekends). This way, our staff can give them more individual attention yet provide more efficient service.

Please feel free to direct any further questions, comments, or suggestions to me.

Michelle Drury
Marketing & Membership Services Coordinator
Western Campus Recreation

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