Volume 93, Issue 12

Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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Love it or censor it

So far The Gazette sports section has run three articles on professional wrestling and for some reason I feel the need to clarify the why.

Firstly, I have to admit that I enjoy wrestling and watch it as much as possible. I could give the usual cliche expression like, it's a male soap opera or it's sports entertainment but to be completely honest – I just enjoy watching it.

I'm not solving any mysteries by saying wrestling is fake, but the way performers work their matches is pretty cool. When you see a guy make an amazing move off the top rope, you have to wonder how he does it and not get hurt.

Some of what the World Wrestling Federation does today offends me in many different ways, especially the recent storyline which has wrestler Jeff Jarrett wrestling women. I find this storyline sends out the wrong message to kids – regardless of how choreographed a match may be. The bottom line is that younger wrestling fans are left with the impression that the match could be real.

Lately, I have found that a lot of what the WWF has been doing is solely for shock value. It walks the line between being offensive and just plain ignorant.

I guess I follow Bret "The Hitman" Hart's stance that the WWF has become smut television. However, this is not only a violation by the federation. All forms of media have changed because the public is allowing them to change.

The difference between wrestling and other forms of entertainment is that the personas of wrestlers are seen as real, they do not distinguish between their ring persona and their outside persona much, if at all. As well, wrestling has been marketed for years to children and they are still the audience who tunes in the majority of the time.

My solution? Censor yourself. When I see Jarrett attacking a woman I change the channel. The world of wrestling will not change until all the viewers begin to do the same. My feeling remains this – wrestling is not the only entertainment outlet which is pushing the boundaries, but it is the one who tries to play itself off as real and as a result is the one most criticized.

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