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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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Rental woes plague club officials

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Rental woes plague club officials

By John Intini
Gazette Staff

Many clubs at Western are livid over the organization of clubs week and the decision by the University Students' Council to force clubs to rent tables and pay for receipt books.

At Thursday's All Presidents meeting, attended by resident and faculty council presidents, it was announced all clubs interested in this week's event would be required to pay $3 per day, to rent half a table and about $4 dollars for each receipt book, said VP-student affairs Steve Zolis.

Sarah Carter, president of the Pre-Education Society said the issue for many is not just the token rental fee, but also the disorganized nature of the event.

"We didn't know where our table was going to be until [Monday] morning," Carter said. "I know they only had two days to organize this after the meeting but maybe that should have been something they thought about earlier."

VP-finance Derrick Taub said a number of clubs have contacted him with their concerns and he is presently investigating the legitimacy of their claims. "Smaller clubs and those with voluntary membership fees may have an argument since $15 is a lot for them," he said.

The fees are an effort to make the USC more fiscally responsible, since the council lost $487,000 last year, Taub said, adding there have only been a few formal complaints.

Clubs officer Najeeb Shafiq said there are approximately 150 groups participating in this event, 20 more than last year, which has left his and the USC's hands tied.

The USC is subsidizing $10 of the $25 rental fee for each table, Zolis said. The increase in clubs forced the rental of 70 tables.

Ray Novak, UWO Reform Club president, said his request to take part in the week without the use of a table was denied. "I don't need a table. I could just stand around with a clipboard but it was made clear you had to rent a table."

Shafiq said the reason people are required to rent tables was to insure organization.

Andrew Macklin, president of the Western Wrestling Organization, said he was upset he was not approached regarding whether he needed a full or half-table. "I'm expecting to be one of the top 10 clubs this year and we didn't even have an option to get a full table."

While Macklin said he understands the reason for using the receipt book, he was bothered with paying for it. "It's a way for the USC to keep track of finances and we have to pay for it. We have a master list we can show them to prove our members. I don't need the receipts for anything."

Not all clubs, however, were angry about the decision. Peter Brown, vice-president of the First Nations Club at Western said he took the $15 fee in stride.

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