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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


Admin owes students more than apology

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Admin owes students more than apology

To the Editor:

I guess $4,700 doesn't buy what it used to. If it did, I wouldn't have been part of the fiasco that Western chose to call "the first week of classes."

But, before I criticize the university administration for their incompetence, I want to say something positive. To those who actually worked the lines in which hundreds of students were standing, I offer my thanks. Everyone I spoke to did their best to deal with my problems quickly and courteously. They were stuck in the middle of the mess with the rest of us.

To the administration, I am not as grateful. It may have been foolish of me to believe that with over a 100 years of experience, the university might have anticipated difficulties from switching registration systems. Instead of completing the registration process sooner, they chose later.

Trying to determine travel and living budgets is hard enough when you actually have a tuition bill. Also, an accurate bill is a plus. When I heard the balance owing on my tuition was less than I calculated, it didn't take me long to realize that I was incorrectly classified as a part-time student.

Getting a bus pass and proper student loans depend on full-time status. Again, helpful staff members sorted the mess, but it should never have happened in the first place.

The normally monumental feat of visiting an academic advisor was made more strenuous by students who had to add their entire course load. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that personnel costs for registering hundreds of students on site is more than it would have been if packages had been mailed on time.

Despite this, I'd like to personally thank Jane Sexsmith for making my registration in zoology as easy as possible.

I truly believe that Western owes all their students a partial refund on their tuition. Since we did all the legwork in getting ourselves registered, I figure a $200 refund is warranted. Maybe it can come from the superstar who organized registration. Thank God I won't be here for the double cohort – that will be a class act.

Evan Joanette

Zoology IV

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