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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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Club not in love with USC

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Club not in love with USC

To the Editor:

Some new and very interesting policies were presented at the University Students' Council All Presidents Meeting last week. The one that got the most attention was the presentation by USC VP-finance Derrick Taub, who announced a new charge of $3 per day for any club to have a table during clubs week in the University Community Centre.

The USC's reasoning for this is that the charges to rent the extra tables needed to be covered, but there have been tables available in previous years without the charge. Clubs officer Najeeb Shafiq asked for everyone to hold their comments on this subject as it kept coming up.

He claimed that the USC is a non-profit organization and are not out to make a lot of money. He did not seem to listen to the protests and did not give any additional explanation of this policy. I feel this issue is valid and the USC should not go on ignoring the voice of the clubs.

Returning students may remember "buy nothing" day last year. The group presenting this concept was refused a place in the UCC because their message would take business away from the vendors in the UCC who pay to be there. At that point many people accused the USC of having money-grabbing ethics.

I feel we are seeing a reoccurring theme here. My club does not charge for membership. We do not accumulate any revenues on campus. All of our funds are generously provided by outside supporters. We do not make any profit from our use of the UCC, but the USC is charging us to be there. There is more.

The USC is not printing the student directories this year. It cost too much money and nobody ever seemed to use them. When a club representative suggested the money could be used to rent tables for clubs week, Najeeb dismissed the comment even though almost everyone in the room wholly supported it.

One good point from an audience member at the meeting was that the USC seems proud to have these clubs available to students (who pay for it in their tuition fees) but this move is not seen as an act of support to the clubs.

Angela Sholtanuk

Music Education III

UWO Navigators President 1999/2000

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