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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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University more than job training

University more than job training

Re: "I wanna be just like Ivey?" Sept. 16

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to Aaron Wherry's column on how he feels that as a whole, the university isn't doing it's job in preparing students for the working world.

I would like to respond by saying that the people who attend this university do so for many different reasons and being able to find a job at the end is not necessarily one of them.

As an engineering student, I feel that the faculty has always, of course, been geared to preparing its students for work as technical people. On the other hand, as a graduate of a community college as well, even the engineering school here has certain limitations as most of the courses are geared towards theory with little practical work.

Engineering technology courses at colleges, for the most part, contain material similar to what is found here (at a more basic math level) but with a much greater lab component.

I suspect that many students in arts or social sciences realize that their degree may be far from a sure ticket to a well paying job, but almost any program can be made marketable to an employer as "soft" skills, such as critical thinking and communication, are always in demand.

In the case of students who have applied themselves outside of school to supplement their studies in the form of summer jobs or volunteer work, their employability could rise dramatically.

As for the comment about Ivey not being justified in charging more for their tuition, well, other professional programs here have been deregulated for years, but the salaries upon graduation account for it.

Tuition geared towards income upon graduation just seems to be the way things are going these days, especially with dwindling government funding.

Daniel Ardeline

Engineering III

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