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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


Mustangs run wild over Gryphons

Western ruggers kick Guelph's tail

Men's soccer team edge Gryphons in tight match

Women's soccer team ties Guelph

Boxing fans left in the cold for corporate cash

Men's soccer team edge Gryphons in tight match

By Ryan Dixon
Gazette Writer

The Western men's soccer team stuck it to the visiting Guelph Gryphons last weekend with a 2-1 victory, on the strength of goals from midfielder Allen Hume and sniper Ree San.

There were, however, some bumps along the way and by the end, the feisty young Guelph squad had the home side hanging on for dear life.

Guelph coach Collin Kelly said a potential draw would not have been a fair result because Western dominated the play.

"Give Guelph credit," said Rock Bassaco, Mustang head coach, referring to the near comeback the Gryphons made late in the game.

Western's right midfielder Xavier Paturel identified specific plays when the team could have capitalized. "There were plays, like when I tipped a ball just over the net, that should have been in. We should have buried some chances," he said.

If the team has any intention of repeating as national champions, their offence may need a boost. After scoring only two goals and wasting several opportunities, Paturel said they felt the team must regroup.

"The pressure was certainly there," Paturel said, noting the team demonstrated great ball possession.

Time and time again, the Mustangs swarmed the Guelph zone, only to be rebuffed. The goals, which came nearly halfway through each respective half, were greeted with big sighs of relief.

When asked whether he had any concerns about offensive shortcomings, Bassaco pointed out the most important thing is creating chances.

Despite a late breakdown, the Mustang defence stood strong in the face of the storm. In the defining moment of the game, Western goalkeeper Rob Lave came through with an acrobatic diving save to prevent a header which seemed destined to even the match.

It took a lot of determination for Guelph to come back the way they did, but Bassaco was quick to point out the cause of the slip up was both identifiable and treatable.

"We lost our composure toward the end. We played solid in the back three, but the midfield lost it's marks," Bassaco said, adding he took pride in the way his guys hung in there. "Every once in a while you're put in a situation where you're tested – they stood up to the test."

At the end of the day it was Paturel who put things in perspective best. With a satisfied grin he said simply, "It's a win."

The Mustangs play at home Sept. 25 against the Brock Badgers.

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