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Wednesday, September 22, 1999


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Report on abuse unveiled

By Stephanie Cesca
Gazette Staff

A report emphasizing the relevence and effectiveness of services for abused women was unveiled yesterday at Western.

Roma Harris, Western's Registrar and the report's principal researcher, said the study showed while some women did not feel London's services for abused women lived up to expectations, most felt the help provided was outstanding.

Harris and her research team have been working since 1995 to formulate the report, which was presented to the London Coordinating Committee to End Woman Abuse.

Harris said the focus was on abused women in the London and Middlesex area. "We interviewed 105 people who met the criteria of the study," she said.

Harris added she was happy to learn all the women in the study reached out to facilities for abused women for help.

"London is nationally and internationally known in its efforts to assist abused women and children," she said.

Terry Boyd, chairperson of general studies at Fanshawe College and researcher in the report, said the project involved several individuals. "It's a joint endeavor between Western, Fanshawe and the community," he said.

Harris also said the LCCEWA is a large and wide ranging group, including at least 30 member agencies, including the London Police. "So it basically encompasses the whole range of social services – health care, justice, the legal system and education."

Jan Richardson, executive director of the Women's Community House, said she was looking forward to seeing the presentation of the report.

Richardson added the report emphasizes the importance of services provided for women in need. "Violence isn't going away," she said.

According to Richardson, last year the Women's Community House in London provided shelter to 740 women and received hundreds of phone calls from women in search of help.

Richardson also said how the report provides advice. "It helps us look at where we want to go in the future."

Meagan Prescott, productions manager at the Women's Issues Network at Western, said although the effort was great, a lot depended on who gets access to the report. "I think it depends all on how this information is used," she said.

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