Volume 93, Issue 14

Wednesday, September 22, 1999


Clubs week not worth it

Kudos for Osler

Clubs week not worth it

To the Editor:

We are extremely disappointed to say it's less then a month into the new school year and the new University Students' Council has already managed to prove that they will continue the quest for the almighty dollar in favour of what's good for the students at Western who elected them.

This clubs week, every club had to pay a $3 per day fee to set up a booth in the University Community Centre. This, to our knowledge, has never happened before. Is this a large sum of money?

Well, no, not really as it equals out to only $15 per club. So why should we complain over such a small fee? It's not the money itself that is troubling.

Whether they would charge us $15 or $150, it's still telling the students at Western that money is all this university cares about.

We pay a lot of money for tuition, residence and student fees! Yes, student FEES, oh, we almost forgot about those. Shouldn't the money we spend on those allow clubs one week – five days – to sign up students from across campus to allow them to get involved with university activities? If not, then where does this money go?

We have all seen how commercialized the inside of UCC has gotten the past few years – to the point where we can barely walk through it during peak hours.

This is just another step in that process. Charging clubs to be in the UCC during clubs week, no matter what the price, is making us no better then the vendors who are there everyday.

When will it be that clubs are no longer allowed to have a clubs week – or maybe they will make the price so steep as to raise club fees and push out the small clubs altogether. Maybe someday soon we will see the clubs competing with private vendors for space during clubs week. These are very real possibilities if students don't begin to stand up for themselves.

The different clubs throughout Western are an important part of the university experience, whether it's a social, educational or a cultural club, they help us learn, meet new friends and grow as people at this school.

The students of Western should be just as outraged as we are that the elected officials we all voted for, seem to think it is alright to charge clubs to be in the UCC. We should hold these officials accountable for their actions. We elect them, we pay their salaries with our student fees, they should work for US!!

In the past few years it has become obvious that whoever is in these offices no longer care about this school and what is good for the students, but rather for themselves and the financial statements the USC have.

We sincerely hope that next year's candidates for student council will have more backbone and protect the things students care for more so then the current people running the show.

Matthew Romanada, Waterbuffalos, VP-communications
Mike Walters, Waterbuffalos, VP-finance
Marc Raymond, Waterbuffalos, Grand Pubah

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