Volume 93, Issue 14

Wednesday, September 22, 1999


Clubs week not worth it

Kudos for Osler

Kudos for Osler

Re:"Western prof dies from heart attack"Sept.16

To the Editor:

After three years of editing and writing the copy of The Gazette, no article quite touched me the way the Sept. 16 piece reporting on the death of professor Andrew Osler did.

I've discovered through my years at university that it is not the books or lectures which characterize a student's academic years. It's the people you meet who make that extra effort to help, who really care about your wellness and always have time, no matter how busy they are, to provide guidance and help you reach your goals.

Andrew Osler was one of these individuals. Many upper-year students will remember him from the journalism classes he taught where he brought some very valuable real world experience into the walls of Middlesex College.

Faculty may remember him from his leadership of the University of Western Ontario Faculty Association in their overwhelmingly successful certification drive which he, as well as many other faculty, felt was necessary to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement to improve the educational environment of the university for the next century.

I remember him for both. As one of his students and an aspiring journalist, he was there to help me figure out what direction I should follow to achieve my career goals.

As president of the UWOFA, professor Osler was always receptive to my countless requests for interviews and never seemed to mind my late-night phone calls to his house seeking information.

He asked me once during an interview if I was planning to pursue journalism as a career. When I told him "yes," he told me that I should because I was good at it. That was one of the best compliments I've received to date, especially coming from a man of his knowledge and experience.

I will never forget the effect he had on my life and my sincerest sympathies are with his family in dealing with the loss of a great professor, an invaluable member of the Western community and a wonderful human being.

Brendan Howe
Editor-in-Chief,The Gazette

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