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Wednesday, September 22, 1999


Mustang's runners get bronze

Women ruggers trample Yeomen 48-3

Hockey team breaks even

Stangs continue their tennis racket

Sports just not living up to the hype

Women ruggers trample Yeomen 48-3

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CATCH THAT BALL. The Mustangs were catching everything on the weekend. The team handed York the beating of a lifetime, winning 48-3.

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

Last Sunday, Western's women's rugby team ran over the York Yeomen and really rucked them up in the process.

The team travelled to and beat York University on their own turf, 48-3. Co-captain and fullback Andrea Haney said the team's rucking, mauling and tackling was a lot better, improving on the game against the University of Waterloo the Thursday before.

"Our forwards were getting low and our team fitness level was what let us bowl over York. Their wingers never stole the ball and that stuck [York] on defence for the majority of the game," Haney said.

York has an inexperienced pack of forwards and Haney said they were sucking wind by the time the second half was under way. "We haven't had any problems with York in the past but we still have to keep the level of play where it's at right now."

Western's other co-captain, flanker Ange Donovan, said the team came away with a good feeling and the word on the street is that Western is now the team to beat. "Refs and other coaches come out to watch these games and word has gotten out about us," she said.

Although York isn't that strong, Donovan said beating the team was a good progression for the Mustangs as they move onto teams like McMaster and Guelph universities. "Queen's is next and they came close to beating Guelph, who have won first place the last four years," she said.

Natascha Wesch, Western's women's rugby coach felt her team played a good game this weekend. "We played fairly well," she said. "It was an improvement on last week's game against Waterloo. We followed the systems and the systems worked."

Wesch said that, offensively, Western was able to put the York team were they wanted them. "We were able to compress them with our trailer system, then we could exploit how we set them up. We were able to fit the defence the way we wanted."

Alan Hawes, York's women's rugby coach, said this was a learning experience against a well-practiced team with a lot of skilled players.

"The coaches have done a lot of good things and that has mixed with a lot of good players. You combine those two things and you end up with a scoreboard like that in the end," Hawes said.

York has lost both of their league games and Hawes hopes this will serve as a type of wake-up call for some of the younger players on the team.

"High school players think they can just step right into the university level ball. The rules are different and the players are bigger and stronger. They don't realize they have a lot to learn," he added.

Western tackles Queen's at home this Saturday at 1 p.m..

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