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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


Blinker signals upward turn

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Blinker signals upward turn

Photo By Matthew Welch
HEY GUYS, REMEMBER THAT TIME WE ALL SMILED? THAT WAS AWESOME. Blinker the Star has flashed on the scene with their new album August Everywhere. The Canadian group will be playing at the Embassy Monday.

By Mark Pytlik
Gazette Staff

The small town of Pembroke, On. doesn't exactly lend itself to musical inspiration. There's no burgeoning club scene, no underground society of free-thinking musos – hell, you can drive through it in the blink of an eye. But if you listen closely to August Everywhere, the latest release from Canada's Blinker The Star, you can see and feel fragments of it nonetheless.

Fronted by Pembroke native Jordon Zadorozny, the members of Blinker The Star are currently preparing to enter the second stage of their careers. The band's newest effort was thrown into a temporary state of limbo after some corporate reshuffling resulted in changes with their label.

"At that point, [A&M] basically became a superstar label," Zadorozny explains. "It was a label that realistically wasn't going to have a lot of time for a band like us who don't sell a lot of records and need attention and dedication."

The solution came in the form of DreamWorks, a US based label renowned for their artist-friendly reputation. According to Zadorozny, the union was mutually welcomed. "I had my eye on DreamWorks, they had their eye on me and we were able to get out of our contract with A&M," he says. "DreamWorks bought the record and we put it out."

The response to the record so far has been positive, marking a distinct upward turn for the band. "It feels like a new beginning because as soon as [DreamWorks] got involved, we put this band together. We have a couple new members now."

The addition of two members boosts the band's roster from three to five. Considering the multi-layered complexity of August Everywhere, it's a move which will serve the band well when touring behind the record.

Zadorozny acknowledges the album's complexity and partially attributes it to the overall thematic content. August Everywhere is a melodic album rife with hazy melancholia – almost every song on the record somehow relates to the past and the emotions certain memories stir.

Whether referring to his childhood in Ontario, or his current life in Los Angeles, Zadorozny notes such melancholia is universal, an idea which is reflected by the album title. While seemingly an academic choice, Zadorozny maintains the idea came to him in a moment of desperation.

"I was driving out to L.A. from Pembroke and I hit a snowstorm in Saskatoon, so I had to stop at a truck stop and call the people at DreamWorks," he recalls. "[The representative] said 'listen, we need to have a title for the record in half an hour or else we're just gonna call it Blinker The Star.' I was with my friend and we just started sounding things out back and forth until we came up with August Everywhere. It's simple, it's not mind-blowing and it sums up the record accurately."

Accurate only because the album wonderfully conveys strange wistfulness which comes with the advent of autumn – a wistfulness which this Pembroke native is obviously familiar with.

Blinker The Star plays the Embassy Monday, Sept 27.

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