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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


Admin upset over independent pub plans

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Admin upset over independent pub plans

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

Although it does not have the green light from Western administration, a controversial pub crawl is still on track to take place this weekend.

Mindy Hubbard, Zoo Crew pub crawl event organizer, said the pub is run by independent organizers who do not live at Saugeen-Maitland Hall and are not affiliated with Western's housing and ancillary services, however the event has still come under fire from administration.

Hubbard, a member of Saugeen's residents' council before it was dissolved earlier this year, said she never affiliated herself with Saugeen in the promotion of the pub crawl. "I guarantee you, the last thing I wanted to do was misrepresent myself to the bars."

Hubbard added the T-shirts, mugs, tickets, posters and receipts for the event made no specific reference to Saugeen. "Nothing ever said Saugeen-Maitland Hall residence council, only 'Zoo Crew.'"

However, Lisa Sorochan, manager of the Cue and Brew said Hubbard identified herself as a member of the Saugeen residents' council when she approached the bar.

Susan Grindrod, senior director of housing and ancillary services said because the individuals allegedly purported to be representatives from Saugeen, it was the university's responsibility to inform bar owners this was not the case. "It's a particular issue of people using a name protected by the university," she said.

Western's VP-administration Peter Mercer said this type of event and enterprise can not be sanctioned by the university. "The issue for the university is the attempt to promote an inherently objectionable event," he said and added there was a liability potential for the university in this case, since they believed excessive drinking would take place at the event.

"[Western student life program manager] Bob Gough called me and said the pub was illegal, and that [the organizers] don't represent Saugeen," said Chris Georgopoulos, owner of the Ridout Tavern.

Georgopoulos said as a result of the calls his staff received from Gough, he decided not to let organizers sell tickets at the Ridout Tavern. Gough was unavailable for comment.

"They are welcome to come, but I hope this doesn't affect our relationship with other residences," he said, stating he has hosted many residence affiliated pubs in the past.

Mercer added Gough was well within his authority to call the bar owners.

Hubbard said she was issued a notice of trespassing yesterday while in Saugeen visiting friends. She said she was told by Saugeen's assistant building manager Colleen Scrimger that she would be charged with trespassing if she decided to return to the residence.

"I have not been going door to door and I was told it was private property and because I was supporting the pub crawl, I was asked to leave," Hubbard said.

A letter sent to Sorochan from Grindrod said Hubbard was no longer associated with Saugeen, but was using the nickname "Zoo Crew" and a logo illustrating Duke the chicken, the building's mascot, without authorization.

"As far as misrepresenting myself, 'Zoo' is not officially affiliated with Saugeen," Hubbard said.

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