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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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United Way opens up shop at Galleria

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

The United Way of London and Middlesex is trying something new this year with the opening of a store front in the Galleria Mall.

"We are open for any community stores, not just retail stores," said Irma Fonfeca, marketing manager of Galleria Mall. Fonfeca added the charity approached the Galleria about installing the store front in the mall to increase the potential of people seeing it.

"The space was donated because we want to please the community and have some say about what goes on in London," she said.

Don Pearson, chairperson for the United Way's London campaign, said while the store only opened Tuesday, the charity is already boasting more than $250,000 in donations from other sources.

"The idea was accepted as one that would enable more pedestrian traffic to see us. People can get tickets, give donations and get information about all the member agency programs," Pearson said.

Pearson also said Western has provided a full-time representative to the London and Middlesex unit and has always run a very active and successful campaign. "Western is a big part of our campaign," he said.

Western United Way commissioner Lindsay Mattick said she thought the idea of having a store front in the mall would help people notice what the United Way is doing. "It's an easy way to raise awareness," Mattick said.

She added while having something constant is a good thing, it might become less apparent over time. "If you have something always set up, then it becomes part of the scenery. You still have to run the big events," Mattick said.

Pearson said the store front, which will be manned by volunteers and United Way representatives, is not costing the charity any money. "It'll be open until the end of November, which is really great," he said.

Since October is United Way month, both Mattick and co-commissioner Paula Sayers said they have may things planned for the next few weeks. "There will be a silent auction and coin boxes at all the food service cashiers," Mattick said.

Sayers added she is very happy with the way things are looking. "The local bars have been really great helping out with all our plans," she said.

Both Sayers and Mattick said they are looking forward to United Way month and hope they can educate people about how it helps the community.

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