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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


Clubs week lacks colour

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Clubs week lacks colour

To the Editor:

I just spent the last 20 minutes of my life perusing clubs week here at the higher learning institution of Western and something struck me as odd.

There are many clubs dedicated to fighting for the rights, or just trying to integrate, all of the different groups of people who attend Western. This, of course, didn't strike me as odd – it's actually pretty great that everyone and anyone can feel welcome here no matter what their ethnic background or culture.

What did, however, is that there are still no groups dedicated to males, or for that matter white males.

There is no simple way for me to phrase this letter without someone responding to it by calling me racist or sexist. But before you run down to the computer lab to respond by using lots of nasty sophisticated words, please hear me out. I assure you that I am neither racist nor sexist, I am perhaps a larger advocate of equity in our society than anyone you have ever met. I believe that it's ridiculous and ignorant to stereotype and discriminate against an individual simply because of her or his skin pigmentation or gender. It is because I believe this that I write this letter.

Reverse discrimination against me and others like me is rampant and even openly advocated in our society. Being born with light skin pigmentation and a penis automatically makes me deviant. Someone to fight against and blame for many of society's problems and injustices.

Let me be the first to openly apologize for being a white male. I'm sorry. But I assure you, however, that I did nothing to create inequality and injustice in our society.

Because others like me did in the past, I am ashamed and admit it fully. But if we are to truly have an equal society, where no one is discriminated against or prejudged for his or her sex or skin colour, then why do we attempt to fight discrimination with discrimination?

This tautological reasoning will accomplish nothing more than further inequity. But what of reverse discrimination? Then why not start hiring just males into female dominated occupations such as nursing or elementary school teaching? (Yes, I do realize that there are male nurses and elementary school teachers).

See, if reverse discrimination is against anyone other than white males it just doesn't work. So as a white male, it's open season on me. I am no longer even considered when it comes to inequities, I need not apply.

Let's say that a club for issues such as the above was formed. The "White Male Society." Sweet merciful crap! All hell would break loose. We'd be called nazis, etc. and probably not even get ratified. Yet, I find this type of club no more offensive than the pro-life or Christian clubs.

Unfortunately, because of the risky content of this letter you'll likely never read it. Either because you didn't want to read something that may offend you or it will never get published due to London's conservatism.

I just think it's time for white males to stop cowering in the corners. We ought to be able to speak our minds as openly as everyone else and have every life chance that others in our society have.

Jeff Sewell
Sociology IV

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