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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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Memories of the late Prof. Osler

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Memories of the late Prof. Osler

Re: "Western prof dies from heart attack" Sept. 16

To the Editor:

My condolences to the family of Dr. Andrew Osler and the Western community, he will surely be missed.

Those who took the time to talk to Dr. Osler personally would remember him as an approachable man who demonstrated genuine concern for his students. He was always willing to meet with students if even just to chat over a drink at a local pub.

Dr. Osler truly had a passion for his craft and a child-like awe of technology around him, often asking his students to consider how the technology society invents turns around and re-invents society.

I am proud to call myself one of his students, but saddened knowing I was among his last.

Mark Brown
Gazette Editor 1998-99
Western alumnus

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