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Wednesday, March 18, 1999


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Wave all wet

Wave all wet

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to The Gazette in regards to one of our campus establishments known as the Wave.

Brescia College, along with many other constituencies across campus, had representatives attend a meeting there this past March to book pubs for the upcoming year. Arrangements were made, dates were booked and we left the meeting pleased with the events that were to come the following year.

At the end of August, during a meeting with the manager from an off-campus bar, it was brought to my attention that all Friday night pubs at the Wave had been cancelled when new management took over earlier in the summer.

This information was followed by an "oh, you didn't know?" Sufficed to say, I was at first shocked, then angered. No one from the Wave had contacted me at any time during the last four months to let me know this and I was disgusted at the fact I had to find out this information from another bar.

In speaking with representatives from other constituencies, I know that I was not the only one to have encountered this problem. I have already let the manager of this establishment know how I feel about the situation, however, since the Wave is owned and operated by the University Students' Council, I am addressing this problem to them.

It is my job as a member of the Brescia College Students' Council to serve Brescia students and that is difficult to do when those working for the USC are not doing their jobs.

I am not asking for an apology from the USC, or something to "make up" for the inconvenience. It is too late to change 600 planners and misprinted pub dates, or give me back the 14 hours of my life that have been used trying to re-book pubs at other venues.

I simply ask from you, the USC, to take a closer look at who you have working for and representing you. Although I cannot speak for the other VP-socials across campus, I myself will not book any more pubs at the Wave this year.

It was very poor business on their part and unfortunately, you at the USC are the ones who end up with mud on your face.

Melanie Caldwell
Brescia College Students' Council

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