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Friday, September 24, 1999


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Smashers work for a fun planet

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THESE ARE THE PERKS TO BEING IN A BAND. The Planet Smashers bring their fun, frenetic brand of ska to the Embassy on Saturday.

By Myles DeRosse
Gazette Staff

After a short break in what seems to be a non-stop touring schedule of Canada's best ska band, The Planet Smashers are about to hit the road again. This time, they will be promoting their newest release,Life of The Party.

It is no surprise The Planet Smashers have acquired such a hectic touring schedule. Anyone who is familiar with their energetic live show will know the stage is where they belong. It is this forum where you see the Smashers doing what they do best – having fun.

"Having fun is our goal," confirms the band's frontman Matt Collyer. "We have been trying to push it for a while and I think people are starting to realize it now. We're trying to have a good time. Of course playing music is also important 'cause, well, we are a band, but having fun is definitely our main goal."

With the release of their third album, it is safe to say the Montreal group are doing a good job at reaching this goal. Life of The Party is full of light and quirky songs, which is evident when you see the track titles including "Life of the Party," "Super Orgy Porno Party" and "Surfing in Tofino."

What was the recipe which helped craft such a boisterous album? "We wanted to reintroduce the things we felt we lost in between the first and second album," explains Collyer. "We felt we really lost the fun and upbeat songs, so we focused the new record on having a good time.

"We felt [our second album] Attack of The Planet Smashers was more of the planet side of the Planet Smashers, while Life of the Party is the smashers side," he laughs.

While Life of The Party has all the good old Plant Smasher elements weaved throughout, it also has new vibes mixed in. "Our fastest songs ever are on there, but so are our slowest," admits Collyer. "We also have some unplanned experimentation in the later stages of the album. It makes it sound more like a real album."

Although this ska collaborative is unremittingly proud to be Canadian, they are also constantly attempting to break international barriers and expand their horizons. One angle they have taken with this challenge is to actually re-record two songs in French which will be included on the upcoming European version of Life of the Party. This album will be promoted in a full European tour coming up in October.

As well, earlier this year the group did a theme song for an upcoming American sitcom, which will soon be debuting on the Fox Family Network. The show will also feature songs from many bands on The Planet Smashers own label, Stomp Records, a company created in part by Collyer himself.

On the whole, the charismatic band is on the rise and expect to keep making a name for Canadian ska. Their goals are being reached and new ones are being set, making for continuous progress towards their main objective – making great music and having lots of fun.

"It's a nice life," says Collyer. "There isn't anything else I'd rather be doing."

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