Volume 93, Issue 16

Friday, September 24, 1999


Editorial Board 1999-2000

Gone, but not forgotten

Gone, but not forgotten

The silent heroes.

Typically, The Gazette reserves this phrase for its volunteers - the people who contribute so much of their lives for hardly any recognition beyond the office walls. However, today we are using it to pay tribute to one of our dearest staff members, who after devoting the past seven years of her life to the paper, has decided to move on to new heights.

Those who work in Room 263 of the University Community Centre depend on her daily to make the paper look its absolute best - and she has always delivered. Her extensive knowledge and sincere, heartfelt interest in making sure students are receiving a quality paper has erased the words "nine to five" from her vocabulary. In a buzzing office filled with student editors and writers, the words "I'm not sure... ask Meg," are heard constantly, each and every day.

Meaghen Simms started her career at The Gazette in 1992 as a writer. From there she moved on to News Editor and contributed to almost all sections of the paper

The next challenge waited across the hall in the composing office - her responsibility was to create a paper that from beginning to end is clean, professional and exciting to look at. The amount of work which this task entails is endless and not exactly rewarding - hardly anyone comes up to the office and says "Hey, great looking paper today, I love the way you close cropped the text." But Meg chose to endure it on a daily basis. Because for her, walking around campus and seeing the paper in the hands of students was reward enough.

Every May, when the staff of The Gazette turns over, Meg's job extends to that of a teacher who requires more patience than most people have. For this, we would like to speak on behalf of all Gazette staff from the past seven years and say a few words of thanks.

We know our endless questions and thick skulls must have been frustrating at times and we thank you for never showing it.

We thank you for every minute you stayed late to make the paper the best of its kind in the country. Not once did anyone have to ask if you minded staying an extra hour, extending your work day into the next.

We also thank whoever it was you inherited your sharp tongue from - in the wee hours of the morning, your sarcasm always brought a smile to our faces.

For pointing out our stupidity, another big fat thank you. Your ideas and contributions to the content of the paper have helped us through many periods of transition and intense stress.

Finally, we thank you for caring as much about the paper as it's admittedly insane staff. Without your heart, the paper would be so much less.

As you take off across the world to help those less fortunate, please keep in your mind that The Gazette loves you, misses you and will forever be indebted to you.

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