Volume 93, Issue 16

Friday, September 24, 1999


Setting the record

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Beach tank a peace preserver or murdering machine?

Beach tank a peace preserver or murdering machine?

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Setting the record

Re: "Jocks can't opt out" Sept. 22

To the Editor:

It has come to our attention that the Intercollegiate Athletics Department has been or may be implementing a policy precluding intercollegiate athletes from opting out of the Student Health Plan.

The Undergraduate Student Health Plan was implemented as a result of a positive student referendum. The plan has an opt-out provision upon presentation by individual plan participants of equivalent coverage through an alternative plan. The inclusion of students in the plan and the right to opt-out has the force of a contract between individual students and the University Students' Council as the plan administrators. No other agency may intervene in the administration of this contract. Opting out is, therefore, a matter to solely be decided between individual plan participants and the USC.

The Undergraduate Student Health Plan provides a very comprehensive list of benefits. While we believe it is to every students individual benefit to remain a plan participant, regardless of alternative coverage, opting-out remains a personal decision and right which cannot be denied by a third party such as Intercollegiate Athletics. If intercollegiate athletes have individual questions on this matter, they should be addressed to the InfoSource in the University Community Centre.

The University Students' Council

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