Volume 93, Issue 16

Friday, September 24, 1999


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401 the highway to recovery

Beach tank a peace preserver or murdering machine?

Beach tank a peace preserver or murdering machine?

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Beach tank a peace preserver or murdering machine?

Get your murdering machine off our campus. Those were the words found on posters placed on the tank on campus this week.

To the belligerent monkey who put it there, just because it has a gun doesn't make it a murdering machine. It's just a tool and it's the people using the machine who are doing the murdering.

Say, for instance, after a few drinks, a truck driver steps into his 18 wheeler and starts barreling down Highway 401. Somewhere along the way he loses control, crosses the median and hits a bus filled with 50 kids. Is the truck the murderer, or the driver?

The vehicle on campus is called a Cougar and it's an armoured vehicle, not a tank. For the last 20 years these vehicles have been one of the backbones of Canadian peacekeeping.

If you have any respect for peacekeeping, know that the "murdering machine" has played a part in the protection of lives, especially in Bosnia where they were heavily deployed. Also, the Cougar was designed as a defensive weapon – it wouldn't last 13 seconds in a real war. The vehicle has also been responsible for saving the lives of several of Canada's soldiers from land mines.

Before condemning a tank, remember that tanks don't murder people, people murder people. It is just a tool, so I suggest you vent your idealistic frustration not at an inanimate object, but at the people doing the murdering instead.

Perhaps the signs don't relate to the fact that there's a "tank" on campus, but instead, that the military has the audacity to recruit here. Just in case you '70s throwbacks didn't notice, Canada has been participating in many peacekeeping missions over the years.

It's quite sad when throughout the world Canadian peacekeepers are highly respected, but here in the country which sends them to risk their lives, they face contempt just by wearing their uniform on campus.

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