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Tuesday, September 28, 1999


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Medical history to get $2 million donation

By Elliott Platt
Gazette Staff

A donation of $2 million has taken the pressure off Western's department of medical history.

The inaugural Hannah chair, established through a donation made by the Associated Medical Services, will be bestowed on Paul Potter, currently the head of Western's history of medicine department.

The endowment will enable the medical history department to no longer rely on donations from a year to year basis, Potter said. The chair will focus on research and medical education at the undergraduate level.

The interest made on the donation will help pay for professor's salaries, the support staff in the office and library books in the history of medicine department.

Potter added the donation will not result in any major changes to the department. "The endowment will support the infrastructure of the medical history department," Potter said. He added the AMS has supported the school for approximately 25 years.

"This donation did not come as a surprise, the AMS and the medical history department have been talking about it for the past year," he said. "The university will be in charge of investing the money and each year money will be sent to the department."

Potter said he felt medical history is important so students can evaluate whether the material they are learning is up to date. "The best way to understand the future is from the past," he said.

Professor Peter Neary, dean of social sciences, said the donation is great for Western. "It will ensure the history of medicine is a permanent and important part of the curriculum of the university," he said. "Furthermore, this support promises new links between medicine, dentistry and the faculty of social science because it highlights the study of medicine."

AMS president Abbyans Lynch, said the AMS has given money to all five medical facilities in Ontario – the University of Ottawa, Queen's university, the University of Western Ontario, McMaster university and the University of Toronto. The registered charitable organization has provided funding since 1976.

"Endowments are not everyday business and a lot of credit should go to Potter, he is a world scholar," Lynch said.

Lynch added he strongly believes the history of medicine is important. "It teaches medical students where medicine came from and where it's going."

Tennille Jackman, a fourth-year social science student agreed the department is important. "I think the money will definitely help the department of medicine for years to come. This is good for Western."

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