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Tuesday, September 28, 1999


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Association forms alumni chapter

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

The Gay Alumni association at Western is hoping to increase their profile among gay and lesbian alumni this weekend with an event the association has dubbed Homocoming.

The meet and greet, slated to take place Friday in the Gay Pride Library, is one of the group's first events since it's inception in March, said Brad Lister, association president. "It's open to any alumni who haven't joined the chapter yet and any undergraduates who want to participate," Lister said.

Lister added he felt this group was a chance to get to know people. "It's all about organizing support for one another and networking," he said.

The idea for the association is actually three years old and the brain child of Gay Pride Library director James Miller, Lister explained.

Miller said he had been looking on the internet when he came across similar associations at American universities and thought there was a need for such an organization at Western.

"The idea has found a positive response with the [alumni association]," Miller said. "Brad is very much in sympathy with the mission of the Pride Library."

Miller added how he works closely with Lister and the association, but does not work in any official capacity since he is not a Western alumnus.

Nancy-Jean Lahn, Western alumni association liaison, said she thinks the association is off to a great start, considering membership is not easily targeted like other faculty associations. "Western is in the forefront of gay and lesbian association chapters," Lahn said.

Western's alumni association has been sending out invitations and collecting names of people who have shown past interest in gay and lesbian groups since last March, said Sara Steers, associate director for alumni programs with Western's alumni association. Steers added the association really wants to link with student groups.

Perry Monaco, VP-campus issues for Western's University Students' Council, said he thinks the idea is phenomenal. "They are a traditionally underrepresented and this is a positive step in improving the situation," he said.

"There is already a gay and lesbian undergraduate population and it's great for the university to extend it to post-graduate and alumni," Monaco said. "We have the resources for undergrads, but for the alumni, now there's a forum where they can get together with others."

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