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Tuesday, September 28, 1999


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Laurier foot patrol will double you home

By Nina Chiarelli
Gazette Staff

Wilfrid Laurier university's foot patrol has decided to step out of the dark ages and drive into the next century with a new alternative to their campus escort program.

Laurier has just introduced their new Drive Home Program which is very similar to a program already offered at Western, said John Hilson Laurier's student union VP-student affairs.

"I started the research for it last year," Hilson said, adding he looked at drive home foot patrol programs already offered at the University of Waterloo and the University of Ottawa. "We're doing very well and the van has really made a difference."

Hilson said because the Laurier foot patrol program does not have established boundaries, the van program helps extend the area they are able to service by 5-10 kilometres. "We've got full corporate sponsorship for the van and the university is sponsoring the insurance," Hilson said.

One unique program also offered at Laurier is the bike service, which provides two bike teams to escort walkers and bikers home from campus, Hilson added.

"The bikes help because our campus is slowly growing," he said, "It's for students who live a bit farther away." He added 90 per cent of the students who use the service live off-campus.

David Crombie, co-ordinator of Western's Foot Patrol, said the program actually has a plan for a bike service which is fully developed, but has not been implemented yet. "We don't have the funding for it," he said. "If we did have bicycles then we'd be able to minimize our wait time," he added.

The two major set backs are funding and the fact Western's foot patrol does not run 12 months a year, he said. "It's not cost effective for us. We're a student fee funded unit."

Crombie said even though Western's foot patrol already covers 600 acres, their service is still very fast. "Our wait time is only 7.2 minutes, and according to a survey, 90 per cent of students felt [the wait time] was appropriate," Crombie said.

While getting enough funding for a bike service has been tough for Foot Patrol, the Student Emergency Response Team has had bikes for over a year, said Alex Drossos, SERT's executive director.

"Since we're on all the time and our members are more dispersed, the bikes have been a great help," Drossos said.

Crombie said he thought SERT needed bikes while foot patrol didn't. "They respond to emergencies, we prevent them," he said.

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