Volume 93, Issue 17

Tuesday, September 28, 1999


Fanshawe to get King's access

Student to complain about access to class

Budget on meeting agenda

Association forms alumni chapter

Theft and fires occupy campus police

Laurier foot patrol will double you home


Liberal types head back to university

Alcohol education 101

Medical history to get $2 million donation

Caught on Campus



Mozart only music to your ears

Evidence suggests Mozart may not be music to every student's marks.

Keith Humphrey, a Western psychology professor, said a complicated paper-folding test conducted on university students demonstrated that listening to Mozart does not improve a student's intelligence.

The work, published in a journal entitled Nature, was researched with the University of Montreal and Appalachian State University. It was in response to a study at the University of California in 1993 where researchers found an increase of eight to nine per cent in I.Q. in subjects listening to the same sonata, Humphrey added.

"In the work we did at Western it was clear there was no correlation between Mozart's sonata and an increase in intelligence," he said.

–John Intini

Healthy mom manual

A helpful manual for expectant mothers called Active Living During Pregnancy – Physical Guidelines for Mother and Baby will be released later this month.

Michelle Mottola, a kinesiology professor and director of Western's exercise and pregnancy lab, said her research explains how exercising will help women avoid pregnancy complications.

"The manual contains activity guidelines to follow during pregnancy as well as post-partom suggestions for continued healthy living once the baby is born," she said.

"A healthy mother will usually result in a healthy baby," she added.

Mottola said people will have the opportunity to speak to her at the pre-natal health fair on Oct. 5, from 7-9 p.m. at St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School.

–Heather Buchan

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