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Tuesday, September 28, 1999


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Alcohol education 101

By John Intini
Gazette Staff

Organizers of this year's alcohol awareness week are hoping students hit the books before hitting the bottle.

Robert Irvine, alcohol awareness week commissioner for the University Students' Council, said he is looking to provide more then just the normal run-of-the-mill information regarding safe-drinking in the events offered this week.

"Our biggest goal is to educate and entertain," Irvine said and added first-year students are the organizers' main target. "We're just trying to get the message out about being responsible when you're drinking," he added.

Irvine said two of the biggest events planned for the week include information sessions put on by the University Police Department in all residences and a multi-media video presentation centre ing around responsible drinking.

According to UPD Const. Wendy McGowan, who will be leading the info sessions, the meetings will not be lectures about drinking but rather an interactive experience in which students can learn material which is not widely known.

"We're not going to tell people not to drink," McGowan said. "We know they're drinking and we're just trying to provide some information for students to lower the risk of getting hurt."

McGowan said part of the meetings include tests with members of the audience in which participants are served a number of drinks over a short period of time to illustrate the effect alcohol has on different people and body types. "Sometimes people don't realize how intoxicated they really are," she said. "The test really shows how seriously some people can be influenced by alcohol."

This Friday, Alberta-based Motivational Media will be putting on CrashCourse, a motivational three-screen video and audio presentation in the McKellar room, said Susan Burnside, co-ordinating director of Motivational Media.

According to Perry Monaco, VP-campus issues for the USC, having these events a week prior to Homecoming is a requirement mandated by a USC bylaw.

Sgt. Gary Harding of the London Police said the city's police force will be working closely with the UPD this weekend to insure the safety of the students and all those involved with Homecoming. "We'll have police presence out there – a zero tolerance aspect," he said.

"We'll be out in full force – the regular routine with beefed up control in the Richmond corridor and downtown," he added.

In respect to making students aware of the traps involved with alcohol, Irvine said he is looking to continue the education process by offering events to students throughout the school year.

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