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Tuesday, September 28, 1999


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Re: "O-week prank ends with suspensions" Sept. 16

To the Editor:

I have been reading the Opinions section since The Gazette started printing for this school year. The fact the four engineering students have been suspended one year for doing some minor pranks is ridiculous.

I am curious – whatever happened to the football player last year that ran a student down with their car? As far as I know, the student was suspended from playing football for a year.

Did he get expelled from school as well? It is very hypocritical that students should be suspended for water balloons. In fact, I was browsing some past issues of The Gazette and came across an interesting quote.

"When asked if Haynes would be punished by the university in any way if found guilty, Mercer said he was unable to comment. 'The university does have a public responsibility to protect both the property and people – the criminal charges are just that. We have to be sure we don't jump to conclusions,' he said. Mercer pointed out there is no natural relationship between the alleged hit and run and Haynes' education. 'He didn't get caught for plagiarizing,' he said." – The Gazette, "Football player charged for prank" Oct. 16, 1998.

Matthew Shearer
Mechanical Engineering IV

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