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Tuesday, September 28, 1999


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Racism or sexism can't be reversed

Re: "Clubs week lacks colour" Sept. 23

To the Editor:

First off, I'm not accusing Jeff Sewell of being sexist or racist, he's just sadly ignorant (very sad, seeing as how he's a fourth-year sociology student). There is simply no such thing as "reverse sexism" or "reverse racism."

Racism and sexism are the systemic oppression of women and people of colour. If a woman hates men, she is NOT sexist, because she's not oppressing men as a gender. She holds a sex-based hatred, which stems from her internalizing her oppression. The same goes for a person of colour lashing out at white people. They are NOT racist, since she's not oppressing white people as a race.

A small minority of people, namely white men, hold virtually all the power and money in our world. Look at the members of G7 country governments, look at the boards of multinational corporations. Except for a few token female and coloured faces, it's white men who have the power.

And as for the touching plea for white men to have every life chance that others in our society have, how about the chance to be an immigrant single mother, working in a sweatshop because you can find no other work, trying to feed your kids on a below-living wage?

Katrina Rudmin
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