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Tuesday, September 28, 1999


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Re: "Beach tank a peace preserver or murdering machine?" Sept. 24

To the Editor:

Last week, the Canadian military managed to scrounge up what was probably one of the last working "tanks" in London and drive it onto the Concrete Beach.

Within a few days, some self-righteous student decided to post a sign demanding that this "murdering machine" be removed from the campus. Apparently, this stunning display of Canada's modern military might was too intimidating for the student population to see.

The protester made their point and that's fine. This is freedom. What is so ironic about this incident is that the defenders of this very freedom were the target. In some countries, the protester could have been arrested, tortured or murdered.

In many countries, the military is an instrument of terror and control but for us, it is a defender of our individual freedom. In fact, across the world, numerous Canadian peacekeepers struggle every day to bring freedom to others with their aging, rusting equipment (their murdering machines).

They endure pathetic pay, constant budget cuts and the jeers and disrespect of their own people. We are amongst the first few generations of Canadians to which freedom appears to be, well, free. It isn't. I invite you to walk into the front foyer of University College, read the plaques and see for yourselves the terrible price of freedom.

Pablo Frank
Computer Sciences IV
Public Relations Officer
UWO Reform Club

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