Volume 93, Issue 17

Tuesday, September 28, 1999


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Costly mistakes

To the Editor:

I cannot believe that the media, specifically The Gazette, is not putting up a stink over this half-assed stadium that will be built this year. The stadium is a fresh new J.W. Little and nothing more and perhaps something less.

The most notable are the lack of washrooms underneath the stands. The university is trying to save a few dollars when it will cost 10 times that amount in five years when they decide that this design is totally inadequate.

If the university wanted to make money and promote university athletics, they would put in more concessions and make the football game or track and field activities become more of an event.

They would make the stadium capable of hosting Vanier Cups that will be moved out of the Skydome because of the fan apathy for that facility.

The university has totally under-designed this building. When the "consultants" were hired did they ask any of the many local residents who frequented the games whether they would support private boxes?

Of course not, or else you would see some in the design and the stadium would have raised another million dollars for the leasing of these boxes.

Did they ever consider putting a roof over some of the stands on the alumni side?

It is a disgrace that this stadium will be built for in excess of $10 million and all that will change is the location and the turf.

I am appalled!!

John Watson
Western Alumnus

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