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Tuesday, September 28, 1999


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USC needs to get their finances in order

Re: "USC predicts financial upswing" Sept.17

To the Editor:

I was dismayed on reading the misleading story in The Gazette, "[University Students' Council] predicts financial upswing."

In the article, USC VP-finance Derrick Taub, describes the Used Bookstore as a typical USC operation that loses money from year to year. I'm a clerk at the UBS. I'm not familiar with the daily costs and deposits that take place at the UBS but I don't need to be told that they make money for the USC every year.

All I need to do is read The Gazette's spread in [March] of the USC financial audits. The Used Bookstore does not incur losses and as far as I can remember, it never has. My point is that it takes little effort to be aware of the financial operations of the USC. This information is published yearly.

My first concern as an employee of the UBS and therefore the USC, is that if the VP-finance is unaware of which USC businesses are money makers and which are money losers, how good is he going to be at finding the real sources of financial leakage in the USC?

My second concern is the misinformation being spread by Mr. Taub and The Gazette to the students, particularly first-year students, about the actual financial situation of the USC. None of us can afford for the USC to lose any more money and therefore pass on the cost of losses to us. We need to have more money makers in the next few years, like the Used Bookstore.

Karen Hussey
Psychology II

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