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Tuesday, September 28, 1999


Mustangs run over Yeomen

National champs beat Badgers

Western turning season around?

'Stangs smoke Waterloo

Whatever! That was sooo last year

Let the lacrosse games begin

Let the lacrosse games begin

J.P. Moczulski/Gazette
SHOOTING FOR GOAL. The women's Lacrosse team wasn't holding anything back on Saturday's double header. The team broke even beating McMaster 12-8 but losing to Guelph 7-6.

By Wes Brown
Gazette Staff

The Western women's lacrosse team finished their season opening weekend down, but definitely not out.

Player/coach and co-captain Anne Henderson said the team has really bonded and it showed in their win against the McMaster Marauders 12-8.

"[The game] went really well. Our plays were working really well and our defence was able to key on McMaster's star player all game," Henderson said.

The early morning high of victory was soon brought down as Western was defeated by the Guelph Gryphons 7-6 in the early afternoon. Henderson said the game came down to one goal in the final minute of play and attributed the loss to the young season.

"This is the first time that [the team] has been in a situation where the refs are enforcing rules. In practice you just don't have anyone calling fouls. I think we also need some work defensively," she said.

Western lost another see-saw battle on Sunday against the Brock Badgers. It was a game which Henderson said her team was strong enough to win. "Our offensive players need to make better cuts so that the midfielders are not running all the way down the field. We also have to finish off better," she said.

Co-captain and right defensive wing Monica Brown said she was not worried about the team's 1-2 record from the weekend and said it was a good experience to see how the team would play together in game situations. "We will learn from our losses and use them to our advantage the next time we face those teams."

Brown attributed their first win against McMaster to the great play of goalie Ronda Schnurr as well as sharp passing and good communication on the field.

"The first game was very encouraging and was a great game to start the season on. The second game against Guelph was a different game all together. It had been a long day and by the time the second half came, we were tired," she said.

According to Brown, the loss to Brock on Sunday could be attributed to the lacrosse team's trademark of starting off slowly and building all the way to the Ontario University Athletic finals.

"We meet every team twice and the top four will make the play-offs. It's really close between Brock, Guelph and Western. It will come down to those big three in the end," she said.

Guelph head coach Tom Hawke said Western is not going to have any problems coming back from this slow start. "A one goal loss against [Guelph] and a one goal loss against Brock doesn't really mean a lot."

Hawke added the Western/Guelph game was an exceptional one. "[Guelph] outshot Western almost 2-1. The goalie came up big with a lot of great saves," he said.

The West division is close and Hawke said as long as you make it to the finals anything can happen. "It seems like the West is pointing to the three big teams – Brock, Western and Guelph. The league has double the games this year, so it's a matter of developing your entire team."

The Mustang women will be away Homecoming weekend as they face off against Sir Wilfred Laurier at the University of Guelph at 11 a.m. and against Guelph at 1 p.m.

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