Volume 93, Issue 18

Thursday, September 29, 1999


From one white man to another

Western, I just love you man

From one white man to another

Re: "Clubs week lacks colour" Sept. 23

To the Editor:

Jeff? Jeff Sewell!?

I'm sorry your invitation to the "White & Male @ Western" must have gotten lost in the mail. Don't worry though, as a 26 year member of the white guy club and gender-minority member of the faculty of education here at Western, I'm fully prepared to bring you up to date at what happened at the meeting.

First, you seem stressed out about us, "being able to speak our minds as openly as everyone else and have every life chance that others in our society have." Relax Jeff.

All of our research shows we are still running the show. It seems that we still own the majority of wealth and property in the world and here in Canada and although some women and minorities have gotten good jobs in the past few years, we are still in 90 per cent of the positions of power (really, when was the last time you didn't see one of us as the president of a company, bank, university, or whatever?).

And Jeff, the whole reverse discrimination thing being, "rampant and even openly advocated in society" thing? Where are you hanging out?

According to our field studies we may think we have to concern ourselves with some of this "affirmative action stuff," but it really isn't true. Our members hardly ever get treated differently upon first sight, we never have to worry about being sexually assaulted (I know making sure she says "yes" first is a pain in the ass, but...) and women never clutch their purse and cross the street just cause we're white!

All that and we're still teaching our kids about how our fore-fathers "civilized" this land and how great we've run it for the past 500 years. Maybe there are "equal rights" now by law, but do you think writing it down would really fix it all right away? We've got years of power to look forward to.

Even for me Jeff, a member of the primary/junior teacher program where I'm with about 80 per cent women, all people ever tell me is how great it is that a guy is doing it and how it will help me get a job in the female dominated elementary schools. We got 'em coming and going! Relax and enjoy your whiteness Jeff.

[sarcastic tone off]

Sean McLellan
Faculty of Education

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