Volume 93, Issue 18

Thursday, September 29, 1999


From one white man to another

Western, I just love you man

Western, I just love you man

To the Editor:

I still remember the day that I got the large package in the mail with the University of Western Ontario logo on it. In all honesty my excitement that day was right up there with the childhood memory of opening presents on Christmas morning.

I had known that I would be accepted but it was that first glance of the purple folder that sent me to a new level of anticipation. I look back on the years I've spent here at Western as I finish up my degree and find myself feeling a cross between sadness and fear, knowing that it soon come to an end.

During frosh week this year I made a point of looking around campus to see the first-year activities. The Western Olympics, opening ceremonies and of course the concert on UC Hill.

I recall my move-in day at Saugeen first-year, when I walked in with a 2-4 under one arm and some rum and vodka under the other. I remember laughing at the fathers of girls for giving every guy in the place dirty looks.

At the same time, I noticed the fathers of guys, green with envy, knowing full out what a great time their sons would have. These years at Western, (or as I like to call it "BESTern") have been the greatest of my life. Hell, I am considering taking another degree just because I hate the idea of leaving here.

Now, the purpose of this letter is not to tell you of all my experiences here at Western, because I am sure that all of you have equally great memories. The purpose is to give a little advice to all that attend – particularly the first-years.

That piece of advice is this – put as much into your time here as possible but look forward to your dreams and follow your vision. Believe in yourself and others. Never be petty. Forgive people, we all make mistakes. Be passionate about your beliefs and capture your strengths. And most of all, enjoy it while it lasts.

We all attend the greatest university in the world (or so I believe) and what I tell you are the things that I might not have followed but have learned while being here.

So I hope to see all my fellow purple-blooded students at J.W. Little Stadium this weekend cheering on the 'Stangs. Not because you are a football fan, but because you love this university and the tradition and excellence it stands for. Go 'Stangs go!

Peter J. Wilson
Biology III

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