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Thursday, September 29, 1999


Western Ducks the competition

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Hockey's double play

'Stangs double fault this weekend

'Stangs double fault this weekend

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EXCUSE ME, WHAT TEAM ARE YOU ON? Western's tennis team saw action this weekend versus McMaster, Waterloo and Toronto.

By Anthony Thomas
Gazette Staff

The Western men's tennis team went one for one this weekend beating the Waterloo Warriors 7-0 and losing to the McMaster Marauders 5-2. The Western women's team also went down 5-2 to the University of Toronto Varsity Blues.

After the games, Western coach Anthony Glavanic said he would like to see his players get more emotional about losing the close matches. "I want the guys on the team to start taking the 6-4 and 7-5 in the third [set] losses personally and that's one thing I like about Shawn Wienberg's play," Glavanic said. "He lost and he was pissed off and I think that type of loss rubs off on everyone on the team and that's what I'm looking for."

Veteran player Asier Ania said three set matches can come down to a few points. "To win those three set matches you have to grind it out, stay mentally tough and you have to win the big points – the big points are key."

Glavanic agreed with Ania and said it's important the players play hard. "Right now we are playing like pretty boys with no results. It's time we start getting ugly out there," he said. "It's nice to have the nice form but if you are not winning I'd rather have an ugly player any day than a pretty boy."

Western won their doubles matches against McMaster, which accounted for the team's first point and Jamie Dunnett, who won in the number one spot, was the only player to win a singles match. "Jamie can't carry us every week, he's going to lose one of these weeks," Glavanic said.

There is a lack of focus on the team which is the result of taking on too many things, Glavanic said. "Sometimes I think people have about 15 things on their plate instead of focusing on two or three and being successful," he said.

Glavanic said he hoped the loss to McMaster would open some eyes as they approach the end of the season. "As you get older, there is less and less chance of ever being a champ and to be a champion you sometimes have to make sacrifices."

Glavanic added he was impressed with the support of the McMaster fans. They had a guy driving around in a car with [World Wrestling Federation] music trying to rattle our guys," Glavanic said, encouraging similar support from the Western fans when the men play Brock this Saturday at 9 a.m..

The women's team lost 5-2 to Toronto in very close matches. "We are a young team but I think we are performing really well despite the loss," said co-captain Jill Hunsburger.

Western coach Suzie Hatch said she was pleased by the way her team performed. "The girls are on track and everyone put in solid performances," she said. "As a whole I was pretty pleased."

Varsity Blues coach Nabil Tadros said, as a result of the close game, if the teams were to meet in the playoffs the result would be difficult to predict. "When you come to the playoffs, whoever is more motivated will win," he said.

The Toronto women still hope to finish in the top four and make the Ontario Unverstiy Athletics championships. "I think that's a realistic goal," commented Tadros. "We beat McMaster 6-1 and the matches weren't anywhere as close as the matches were against Western."

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